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Designer, NerdBean

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It’s taken a long time to being able to accept and be confident in me, but now that I’m on that path, let me help you get that same feeling with your own branding and business!

Find out more about who the infamous Riley bean is below:


Since 2012...

I have always had a love for creating content. Whether that be designing posters, animating my own parody anime openings, or creating gaming playthroughs.


I have always wanted to be a content creator that embraces what it is that makes them unique, and just give an honest insight into the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a creator.

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I’ve live-streamed, been part of many communities & stream-teams, and even had the opportunity to work on a few printed publications ~ and that’s just my freelance work!

Outside of that I have graduated with an Undergraduate Degree in Creative & Professional writing, and a Master’s Degree in Digital Media Practice – and have spent my time since then working with several different teams in graphic design, marketing, and social media. I work professionally in social media & marketing ~ so design is my side gig! 

I don’t freelance to make money; I freelance to meet a bunch of new content creators who are just as passionate about making their community smile and want to share their passion with others. I know first hand the friendships that can form from a simple message or DM – just ask my fiancé!

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If you’re looking for a designer who is professional but quirky ~ you’ve found the right bean!

Have a project you'd like my help on? Have a creative idea that you'd like to bring to life but don't know where to start? And... most importantly do you have a project that involves Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts or Anime?

Then let’s get collaborating!

So I can guarantee...

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