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Interested in a commission but not sure on the process? Maybe you want more information on the file formatting... Check out below ~ you're question might be featured below.

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How do I commission you?

If you're interested in a commission, please complete my commission form which can be found HERE. Please note - this will open frequently throughout the year.


If you need an emergency or rush commission completed, please contact my work email: - be aware that additional fees apply.

How do I pay you?

When it is your slot on my current commission list, I will send you a preview sheet containing your work for approval. Upon satisfaction, I will then send you a PayPal invoice of your fees broken down into individual elements.


PAYPAL ONLY & prices are in GBP (£)

Can I secure a slot before the waitlist opens?

Due to how busy my commissions get, the only thing I can do is send across my form when it goes live. Sometimes my form gets booked up within 10 minutes, but I always advertise my live times in advance. I do not have a waitlist before my commissions go live, otherwise I would never open! 

Can I ask for changes on my commission?

When you receive your preview sheet this is the perfect time to ask for any changes you may want.  If you require changes after you've approved them, there will be an additional fee.

Refund policy?

If a client wishes to cancel a commission, please alert via communication at the earliest convenience to avoid additional admin fees and issues. Please note, refunds are currently only available if the client pays in in full up-front due to the nature of my payment system. The following applies:


  • If work has been started, is too far into development and you wish to cancel it for any reason, no refund will be issued.

  • If work hasn't started and you wish to cancel it for any reason, you will receive a refund excluding fees and tips.

  • If your commission has been started and is cancelled by me, you will receive a refund excluding fees.

How will you send me my finished commission?

I'll send you your full-resolution files via email. These will be Google Drive links depending on the size. Please download them as soon as possible due to space capacity.

Is there a limit to the number of types of commissions someone can request in one go?

You can order as many different elements as you'd like - just be aware of the prices of your order.

Do I have the rights to do whatever with the commission I get from you?

Unless your commission is being used for commercial use, or you are planning to resell your commission - yes. If you need your design to be featured on any merchandise, there will be an additional fee.

What kind of information will you need from me?

Depending on what type of commission you will be ordering will change what information I require. Typically I ask for the following:

Colours, font preferences, any imagery you'd like featured, the style you were looking to achieve, and a bit about yourself so that I can brand it appropriately. 

Different commissions require different pieces of information - so when commissioning me, please be sure to include as much detail as possible.

How long will my commission take?

Typically when I start working on a project, the turnaround time can be between 2-3 days. Depending on where you are on my commission list & the amount of work required will vary your wait time. Please ensure you allocate at least a month when booking in to ensure I have flexible working times alongside my main job.

When do commissions open?

Commissions open every month. The opening times are announced on Twitter. Occasionally I do sales on my pre-made designs and elements, so if you are in need of quick and simple designs, you can view them HERE.

Can I pay to get my commission faster? Do you have a rush fee?

I have a waitlist skip / rush fee that lets you skip the queue for double your commission's price.

Are your commissions open?

My commissions are advertised on social media & on the homepage of my website. See my Commissions list for an update as to whether I am taking on new work at all.

What kind of references should I include?

If you have any references of work that you like the look of, please include links within my commission form. If I need additional details I will contact you directly.

Do you have a blacklist?

Yes for particularly disruptive clients. You'll know if you're blacklisted. The blacklist itself is not public.

How do I get off the blacklist?

You don't. If you're on there, that means I don't want to work with you.

What format will my files be sent in?

For any still based work, you will receive HQ PNG files. If your project needs animation, it will either be provided in .MP4 format or .MOV depending on if it requires transparency. Please be aware, to use .MOV files you will require the QuickTime codec installed on your computer as Windows Media Player cannot play .MOV files. 

Animated alerts will be provided in their original .MOV file alongside a .GIF or .WEBM format depending on the clients request.

How long is the wait in-between opening commissions?

Usually I get enough people to have the waitlist closed for a month or so. I do advertise upcoming slots and time on social media. 

You can subscribe to my update list should you wish to be notified of upcoming slots and opportunities.

Can you please resend my files? I lost them!

I can re-send files across as I always keep my commissions readily available, however I do also have a full-time job alongside my commissions so this may take some time. Depending on how many files I need to send this could also cause delay as .MOV files are exceptionally large to transfer.

Please be aware when submitting a commission that files are only kept as 'active' links for a few weeks until cleared automatically to make way for new commissions. Please download and back up your files as soon as possible to prevent them from being lost.

Can you draw this for me?

Currently I am only offering simple vector illustrations - such as Pokemon or environments. If you require more complicated artwork to be featured on your commission, please seek the help of an artist before commissioning me. 

I do not draw emotes or sub badges. If you would prefer a graphic symbol however, this is something I can provide.

How will I know if my commission is booked in?

If you complete my commission form, you're booked in. Unless you complete my commission form, or formally agree a commission with me it will not be accepted. If you have completed the form and are worried that your slot wasn't accepted, pleased contact me directly and I can inform you.


I receive receipts of all my accepted commissions, so can forward your request along.

Can I have the original file format you made my commission in?

Unfortunately I don't tend to send out original file formats due to having work ripped in the past. Unless its pre-listed in the service I provide I don't yet feel comfortable doing this.

I would like to commission something not on your price list, How?

If you require a project that isn't on my current offering list, the best thing to do is simply ask about it. If I don't feel like I can take the project on I can always signpost you to an alternative artist or designer.

I PROMISE that is fine to do :)

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