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Thinking about ordering a commission or would like me to work on a project with you? Be sure to read & check over my terms and conditions to check what I can and cannot do before placing an order!

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1. Payment & Fees


Payment will be STRICTLY requested through PayPal invoice in GBP (£).

  • Any order will have any invoice sent following the approval of a content preview sheet

  • Any order priced equal or greater than £200 can be paid partially upon request (full upfront is an available option). A 50% down payment is required to reserve the order.

  • Due to recurring late payments, if payment has not been received after 2 follow-up messages and a minimum of 1 month, an additional late fee of £10 will be incurred.

  • A 10% fee will be applied to every order to cover software subscriptions, PayPal and administrative fees. ​​​

2. Delivery options​​

a) Waiting Time

Your order will be completed when your slot in the queue is reached. Regular queue may be delayed by other deadline/rush orders/work commitments. Any extended delay will be notified to the client. Typically, each commission batch can take a month to complete, but each project once started can take between 1-5 days unless contacted prior.

For updates on current slots & my workload, feel free to ask!

b) Private Projects

Should you wish for your commission to remain private, progress of the commission and final products will only be shared to the client and any other party directly involved with the commission (with prior approval from the client). A safe date must be provided to know when the commission can be posted publicly.

c) Rush Options

IF AVAILABLE, Rush option will incur a +50% fee on the order. Payment must be sent in full upfront. There is no partial payment option available for this type of order. Your order will be placed at the top of the queue AFTER the current commission that is already in progress. Turnaround time will typically be around 2-5 days. There is no partial payment option available for this type of order.


Rushed orders must be placed at least 48 hours for graphics, and 72 hours for fully rendered video projects, before the requested deadline. They will be automatically declined if submitted too late. 


3. Discounts

Discounted options are available for the following: returning clients who have already signed a pre-agreement, team members of relative stream teams for larger projects... Discounts can't go above 50%.


  • Stream Team Members: 10% off larger orders above £50

  • Pre-agreement clients: Dependant on client situation​

4. Refunds

If a client wishes to cancel a commission, please alert via communication at the earliest convenience to avoid additional admin fees and issues. Please note, refunds are currently only available if the client pays in full up-front due to the nature of my payment system. The following applies:


  • If work has been started, is too far into development and you wish to cancel it for any reason, no refund will be issued.

  • If work hasn't started and you wish to cancel it for any reason, you will receive a refund excluding fees and tips if paid in full upfront.

  • If your commission has been started and is cancelled by me, you will receive a refund excluding fees.


Please note: my commission slots are regularly opened in batches between 5-10, with additional slots available for stream team members & regular clients.

  • If my commissions are OPEN, anyone is free to order. The process of this involves completing a short form within the open period. The only projects I will decline are those I feel uncomfortable completing.

  • If my commissions are on TENTATIVE, anyone is free to enquire about a project. If I have time available whilst waiting for current clients to send files/information, I will be available to book this in. This is subject to availability.

  • If my commissions are CLOSED, no one will have access to the commission form. If you wish to be updated, simply message me directly or you can subscribe to my updates.



1. All orders are delivered by default with a Personal License Commissions may not be edited/re-used by yourself or another artist without written permission from Rileyy. Please reach out first if you would like to purchase a Commercial License for any of your designs.


2. Once fully paid for, custom commissions (branded and made-to-order) will not be resold or redistributed unless agreed upon by the client and myself. I'm however allowed to re-use any of the designs I made for personal use – this references pre-made collections readily available on my store.


3. Unless otherwise agreed upon before the commission starts, I reserve the right to post your order in my Portfolio and on my social media. The client involved will always be credited. Commissions will usually be posted shortly after files are delivered unless otherwise agreed upon.


4. I reserve the right to refuse your order if I feel uncomfortable with the subject or feel like it's out of my range. I also reserve the right to cancel any order I'm working on if I feel strong animosity between myself and the client. I expect mutual respect between myself and my clients, and I won't work with rude or unreasonable people. If I decide to cancel the order after work has been started, I will issue a refund. I want my commission process to be smooth and fun for both of us to ensure quality of work!


5. I do not claim any responsibility for copyright issues. Everything I will choose to use in your designs is 100% free for personal AND commercial use. If you send me files and you want me to use them, I will assume you have already sought the appropriate permissions.

6. Once your commission is queued up and your contact info has been submitted, you are expected to inform me if you're going through any rebranding (renaming, changing your contact info...). If you fail to inform me and your info has changed by the time your commission starts, you will be charged an additional editorial fee. If it happens a second time, your order will be cancelled and will not be refunded.

7. You can request to edit the details of your commission. If you wish to add additional elements to your commission this is perfectly fine, and the final price can be adjusted.

8. Prices are final and non-negotiable. Please refrain from asking for a discount or trying to negotiate prices when quoted.

9. Using any commissioned products in any blockchain-related technology, such as NFTs or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited.



LICENSES (Personal & Commercial)

Personal License

Any order is delivered by default with a Personal License. A Personal License grants the right to use the design for Personal purposes.

A Personal License ALLOWS you to: 

  • Use the design (Screens, Overlays, Chat boxes etc...) on your Twitch or YouTube channel even if monetized,

  • Use the design (social media banners, Logos, stream schedules etc…) on your social media platform such as Twitter, Instagram...,


A Personal License DOES NOT ALLOW you to: 

  • Use the design for any Commercial Purposes outside of the ones listed above. Personal use does not allow such things as: prints, merch, ad placement, promotional use,

  • Edit/alter the work or send it to another artist to edit/alter without written permission,

  • Redistribute the design for someone else to use, even personally.​

Please message if you'd like more information regarding the limitations of the license.​

Commercial License

If your commission involves any Commercial Purposes (prints, merch, ad placement, promotional use...), you will have to purchase a Commercial License for the item in question. If you purchase a Commercial License and want to put any of the commissioned graphics/products in a shop, you must still credit me as designer. 


A Commercial License doesn't allow you to edit or alter the designs. 

A commercial license will add a +50% fee to the design dependant on the project size.




1. Commission Request Process​

When slots are open and available, simply send me your commission request by filling out a commission form. Requests with minimal effort in explaining their project will be declined.

DISCLAIMER: Private information is requested in the form. This information will under no circumstances be shared with anyone and is only required for legal purposes. This information includes contact information for communication purposes via social media & email.

I will review your request to make sure I'm able to bring your vision to life. If enough details are provided in the form, I will get in touch with you to approve your request and let you know your order has been queued up. If some of the details are missing, I'll contact you so we can edit what's missing together.


Based on the information provided, I will generate a quote and an estimated delivery time.

  • If you're happy with the price and turnaround time, you will be added to my commission queue. I will message you at least 24 hours before I start working on your order. If you don't reply within 48 hours, I'll move onto the next client and your order will be put on hold. After 2 weeks without notice, you will be pulled to the bottom of the queue. 

  • If you're not happy with the turnaround time and/or pricing of your order, you are still free to cancel the order at this stage. You are welcome to commission again in the future even if that happens.


2. Design Process

You will receive a preview sheet of designs once the work has been completed to a far-enough extent. At this point, you can ask for up to 5 revisions for free, per design dependant on the type of project that it is. These revisions must be within your commission form request. For example, placement of items is an acceptable revision, however if you change branding mid-way through the commission and I am not informed, you will incur an additional editorial fee.

​ ​

If you don't reply within 72 hours of receiving a preview sheet, I'll move onto the next client to wait for your feedback. After one week without notice, your order will be put on hold and resumed when you're back, after other orders started are completed. After a month+ without notice, your order will be fully cancelled and will be placed on my store for purchase.

3. Delivery

Once your commission has been completed and has been fully approved, you will receive a PayPal invoice. Details on payment process can be found in the first section of the Terms of Service. Delaying payment for longer than 5 business days without notice will result in your files not being delivered. If happening too frequently (typically over 3 times), you will be blacklisted, and the commission will be cancelled.


Once payment has been completed you will receive the unwatermarked files at their full resolution via email. Please note as mentioned earlier – there will be an additional 10% fee to cover PayPal expenses.

4. Post-Delivery edits

Once the items you ordered have been delivered, edits will no longer be free of charge, save in exceptional circumstances. Any edit must be requested within 48 hours after delivery. If edits are requested past this point it will be an additional £2 per edited piece.




  1. Administration fees: 10% of total project cost

  2. 1 month and no communication late fees: £10

  3. Rush fees: 50% additional of commission cost

  4. Commercial licence: 50% of current commission cost

  5. Additional edits following file delivery: £2 per edited piece

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