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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Themed Assets #3

Ready to pick your starter in the Paldea region? If you're a content creator looking to brand yourself ready for November, why not pick up this asset pack ~ the second variation in the series!


Included is: x3 Starter Themed Stream Overlays, x6 Screens (Scarlet/Violet Starters Themed), x2 Shiny Hunting Overlays (Legendaries themed), Terra Raid Battle Themed Overlay, x2 YouTube Thumbnail Templates, x6 Animated Stream Alerts, Stream Chatbox Graphic, Stream Alerts Graphic & x2 Twitch Panel Templates


*Characters can be changed if requested!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Themed Assets #3

  • To purchase this pack, simply contact my work email directly with your custom changes information. This includes any featured artwork for packs that allow.



    This product is usually delivered within 24-48 hours. You will receive the animated products in .MOV format, and still products in .PNG format.


  •  'Premade Designs' are a collection of premade assets that have customisable usernames for each person purchasing them. They are not 'custom commissions'.


    When ordering your premade, you will be required to give the following information:

    - The username you'd like featured

    - The email you would like your invoice to be sent to

    - Any custom changes your order requires (such as no chatbox to be featured on the overlay etc...)


    All files, unless specified, will be sent as .PNG files with your featured username included. This is to avoid others stealing the files, and to ensure that each order is customised to each individual person. Files are not sent without a username to avoid these being ripped or stolen.


    Some packs may have animated assets included within them. To enable these to work, please ensure you have a media player that supports .MOV files, such as Quicktime Player.


    Some packs come with templates for you to make your own assets from. For example: stream panels, YouTube thumbnails, or individual recent boxes. These are all build in Photoshop and saved as .PSD files, please ensure you have the suitable software to enable these files to work.

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