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Will be delivered as individual .PNG & .PSD files

Wanting to let your audience know a little bit more about yourself & when you stream? Then picking up a stream schedule or pitch deck might just help with that and your advertising.

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 What is a Schedule? And why are Pitch Decks important? 

⭐ Stream Schedules are graphics that you can share across your social media platforms or Discord community to let viewers know what your upcoming content plans are for the week. These can be designed in your branding and feature little quirks to make each design unique to you.

⭐ Pitch Decks are the perfect opportunity to network, make partnerships, and help local businesses know who you truly are. Featuring information like pronouns, a bit about you, who your community are, and some key statistics from your content journey ~ pitch decks can be used to send as evidence for a potential stream team application, brand sponsorship, or upcoming opportunity. These are also helpful across social media to network with other streamers & content creators!

 Schedules & Pitch Decks begin from £10 each and include: 


⭐ Blank & Text variations of both designs

⭐ Original .PSD Template for you to edit and customise in the future

⭐ Unique elements to fit around your brand and identity

⭐ Colours of your choice

It is usually a good idea to provide images/artwork when requesting a schedule or pitch deck, as this can help make your design more original and fun. Styles can vary, so if you want something specific please do also send across examples of the style you'd be interested in.

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