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Will be delivered as individual .PNG files unless animated, in which case animated files will be provided as .MOV & .MP4 files for looping purposes

Looking for an overlay to help make your live streaming projects stand out? Need something that is custom to you and represents your personality as a streamer? Then why not check out the available overlay packages.

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 What are Overlays & Screens? 

Overlays are the main layouts that streamers use when broadcasting on their choice of software. There are a handful of overlay styles that many content creators use including:

Gameplay: Mostly to stream gameplay and anything else they want to share with their viewers (game/browser/media source etc…)

Just Chatting: An overlay where streamers can have a close-up of their Vtuber model, webcam, and a large chat box to communicate with viewers

Modular: Mostly to have the gameplay display across the full screen, but still have a short border around the gameplay, and access to each component individually so that they can move elements around such as: chatboxes, recent graphics, and logos.

Screens are a looping video that streamers play prior to starting their gameplay or content. The most common include: Starting soon, Be Right Back and Ending screens. It is typically nice to include artwork in these elements – which is requested prior to the work starting!

Overlays & screens begin from £15, and my current available packages include:


£15: Bronze: x1 Overlay or x1 Screen

£25: Silver: x1 Overlay & x3 Screens

£35: Gold: x1 Overlay, x3 Screens & x1 Social Media Banner

£45: Platinum: x1 Overlay, x3 Screens, x1 Social Media Banner, Unlimited panels

£55: Diamond: x1 Overlay, x3 Screens, x1 Social Media Banner, Unlimited panels & x1 Logo

Want your pack animated? Add on an extra £5 to get animated streaming assets!

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