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Will be delivered as individual .MP4 files

Wanting to promote yourself as a streamer? Want a video to help go alongside your new vocal song cover? A video editing commission might just be perfect for you.

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 What are Video Edits? 

A fully rendered video edited for YouTube or other video platforms.

If you have a compilation of stream clips that you want composed into a video and don't have the time, video edit commissions can help save you time!

 What are Channel Trailers? 

A short video that features highlights from your content creator journey, promoting viewers to check out your work – this is ideal for YouTube, Twitter & Twitch.

You can also use these for Vtuber debut videos, a showcase of your current branding/identity, or as a promotional video to promote an upcoming event or campaign.

 What are Lyric Videos? 

A short video using your own music/cover to tell a short story or showcase karaoke style lyrics. Unless provided, original graphics can be made to support this project – but artwork must be sources separately.

These can vary in complexity - changing from a simple flat style with just animated lyrics, to more complicated and fully rendered lyric videos with individual transitions and focuses. Please note: More complex videos will increase the price.